Inhaling the Diaspora
consists of three collections:

Nostalgia Collection

The artist’s experiences during her second migration, from Germany to the United States. In the scenes of nature the artist finds the tranquility and peace in the energy driven from the nature to heal the scars of frustration and pain one receives in the ups and downs of life in diaspora.


A collection of street life dedicated to the memory of afriend, Jennifer Fasulo, who died in a car accident in August 18, 2010. Scenes from the streets of New York, where one transcends the turbulence of life by presence and persistence. It is in the streets of New York that the native is stranger at home and struggles to belong by experiencing the reality of life in diaspora.Humans, in their presence, pass through much turbulence. As strangers in foreign lands, they want to believe the detachment while attached to their roots and traditions.


A time span of twenty-eight years (1981 to 2009) from when one is in exile at home, to where one is in exile a continent and ocean apart form the homeland.

Supporting Documents:

Exhibit Collections
Exhibit Collections


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