From Scream to Scream (2004)

The documentary “From Scream to Scream” is the story of a young woman, who spent 8 years of her youth in a prison of the Islamic Republic. Her story is a part of the story of this generation of Iranian women (Soudabeh Ardavan) and a part of the political history of Iran , which the Islamic Regime did not speak about and hid until now. Massacres from 1981 till 1988 are still unknown for the new generation.

She is also an artist. There are 200 paintings and designs in this documentary that she painted in prison and sent out of jail illegally. She describes the relationship between political prisoners, her protest, but also their sadness, pain, fear, horror, sadness, loss and much more…

ازاين فرياد تا آن فرياد

فيلم مستند ازاين فريا د تا آن فرياد را مي توان فرياد بخشي ازجامعه خفقان زده ايران دانست .فيلم دو داستان موازي را دنبال ميکند.

اول برشي اززندگي زن هنرمندي ( سودابه اردوان ) است که هشت سال جواني خود را درزندان هاي جمهوري اسلامي سپري کرده و حدود 200 نقاشي را ترسيم و به کمک هم بنديهايش به صورت غيرقانوني از زندان خارج کرده است .

دوم ترسيم دو قتل عام سياسي بزرگ که دردهه شصت صورت گرفت . به ويژه آنگه پس از گذر بيش از يک دهه هنوز برزواِياي قتل عام 1367 مهر سکوت خورده و رژيم آن را در هاله اي از تاريکي پنهان نموده است .فيلم برشي از پستي و بلندي ها محروميت ها مبارزات سرکوب ها دوستي ها و… درزندان مي باشد.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Language: Persian (Farsi) with English subtitles
  • Selected for the 26th International Film Festival of Women and Cinema, which took place in Florence, Italy on September 30- October 7, 2004.
  • Screened in many cities, including Dortmund, Frankfort, Paris, Mainz and Florence
  • Selected in 26th Edition of the International Meetings of Women and Cinema in October 2004 in Florence, Italy.
  • Viewed at the Graduate Center of City University of New York, December 2005.
  • Selected in the International Women Film Festival, Dortmund/Cologne in October 2006 in Germany.
  • Selected in the 3rd Annual Prisoners Justice Film Festival, Feb 8th-11th, 2007, Canada.
  • Nominated for Juliane Bartel Prize, Hannover, Germany, 2007.
  • Selected and shown in the 8th International Exile Film Festival, October 5-14, 7007, Guttenberg, Sweden.
  • Selected for viewing in the International Film Festival in Exile, Paris, 2008.