And in Love I Live (2008)

“And in Love I Live” (2008) is a documentary film about political activities and experiences of three generations of female political prisoners in Iran during the past five decades.

The film follows these thirteen women in their lives after their forced exile from Iran, and share with the audience the impressive story of their successes; political activities and prison experiences.

In “And in Love I Live,” political and historical events in Iran are presented not in a linear chronological order but in the accordance with their significance in the lives of these women. The film takes the viewer back and forth between the past and present, thus highlighting the similarities and differences in the prison experiences that span over many decades. It also includes a complete list of executed female political prisoners, collected by the film’s research team.

Deleted scenes, “And in Love I Live”

In sharing their prison stories, these women cover many subject: their profound prison friendships, their rape and torture experiences, the fate of their young children both inside and outside prison, their book-readings, their intellectual and political debates, their collective actions, their bitter setbacks, their memories of the two waves of mass executions in the prisons of the Islamic Republic in 1981 and 1988, their memories of executed comrades, and their lives after release from prison.

Making of “And in Love I Live”

Perhaps it is for the first time in the history of documentary film-making in Iran that a former female political prisoner agrees to sit bravely before the camera without even disguising her face, as it happens in “And in Love I Live,” and talks about her experience of having been raped by her interrogator. She openly talks about the physical and emotional pain and suffering that this experience has caused not only for her, but for her husband and their married life as well.

The documentary includes reconstructed scenes of some of the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


  • Producer: Anahita Media Productions
  • Co-Producer: Golafrouz Joshan
  • Editor: PanteA Bahrami
  • Music: Rahman; Afshin
  • Cinematography, Sound and Lighting: Mehrdad Babalueiy; Carstin Sahm; Roland Baumgert
  • Assistant Directors: Camelia Akhbari Azad; Shadi Amin, Mina Zarin; Shabbou Mahtab; Mojdeh Arasi
  • Research: Shabbou Mahtab, Mila Mossafer; Behrouz Motaleb
  • English Subtitles: Anahita Bahrami, Neda Farvahar; Nouriman Ghahary; Golafrouz Joshan; Massoud M.; Bita Shasty
  • Poster Design: Shabbou Mahtab