The Sun Opens the Heart (2005)

Four Moslem boys narrate about their sexual relations, virginity, and honor. They debate with their families and circle of acquaintances about sexual relations before marriage, religion and Islam.

WDR (German Public Television); Cosmo-TV beam showed 5 Minutes of the film.
“I Am Forced to Live With Two Identities and Two Faces”
Documentary, 20 minutes, in German, DVD
In Cooperation with “Medienprojekt Wuppertal”

Four Moslem boys talk about their sexual relations, virginity, honor, debates within family and circles of acquaintances about the sexual relations before marriage, religion, Islam and female menstruation.

WDR (German Public Television) Cosmo-TV broadcasted 5 Minutes of the total film.

“Kolpinhaus: Young and Shifting to Be Independent”
Documentary, 45 minutes, in German language
In cooperation with Kolpinghaus

Six boys have left their homes and are living in youth centers. They narrate their stories and their relationships with their parents. Their stories are both cruel and sad.