Since 2003, PanteA has made a few short and feature documentary films on various subjects of human rights.

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Budding Grief

Budding Grief screening on Friday June 26th, Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space

During the Summer of 1988, a couple of thousands of political prisoners who were the dissidents of the Islamic Regime were hanged in Iran. Those who were in prisons were already sentenced in court but they had to participate in the 2-3 minutes re-trials and without knowing exactly what was going on, were convicted and executed secretly.

Budding Grief is the new documentary which wants to elucidate those events

Women’s Right is Human Right (2011)

On the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of March 8, the International Women’s Day – A look at the Iranian Women’s Movement in the past three decades.
March 2011 – New York

A Look at The Labor Struggles in the Past Three Decades in Iran (2011)

Interviews with Iranian labor activists from the labor unions, the oil industry, construction workers, the printing industry, and more.
May 2011 – New York

And in Love I Live (2008)

and-in-love-i-live-headerDocumentary – 105 minutes
Language: Persian with English subtitles
(As Concept, Director and Editor)

I Do Not Want to Become a Father Now (2007)

Documentary – 15 minutes
Language: German
A Co-production with “Medienprojekt Wuppertal”
(Director and Editor)

Playing with Fire (2007)

Documentary – 15 minutes
Language: Persian with German subtitles
A Co-production with “Medienprojekt Wuppertal”
(Concept, Director and Editor)

The Sun Opens the Heart (2005)

Documentary – 20 minutes
Language: German
In Cooperation with “Medienprojekt Wuppertal”
(Director and Editor)

From Scream to Scream (2004)

Documentary – 30 minutes
Language:Persian with English subtitles
Director and Editor